Agenda as CRM? Structure? Workflow?

The annual subscription on my crm ends soon. While I like a lot about it, it doesn’t do several things I’d like, so I’m paying quite a bit for something that isn’t ideal.

I’m wondering whether I could use Agenda, in tandem with Reminders, as a substitute. The lack of integration between Contacts and Agenda’s People tag worries me.

Before I outline my needs and initial ideas, does anyone else do anything similar with Agenda, and what’s your structure and workflow?

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It’s hard to respond to that without more info. Reminders integrates with Agenda, but you probably already know that.

Absolutely - I was hoping to hear how some people are already using Agenda in this way before spending time working something out myself!

I’d suggest using tags for people.

“CRM” can mean several things. What are you using now as a CRM solution? Does it involve collaboration / sharing?

You might also consider BusyMac apps in tandem with Agenda, just beware BusyCal is not ready yet for the new Reminders. You can still use, just don’t integrate Reminders if you’ve upgraded to the new Reminders.

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Yes, also interested in essentially simple/basic CRM.
I am using Agenda to build a live and evolving Marketing Plan for a firm of consulting engineers.
Effectively, I will build in history and actions that provide very basic CRM but the ability to not be able to roll the software out directly to wholly PC based organisation is either a downside or a blessing - not sure which yet.