Agenda and Merlin

Yet Another “Please make this interoperable…”

I was using OmniPlan, OmniFocus and Notes before I found Merlin and Agenda.

In OmniPlan I could plan out a project done to task level, and tasks could be managed in OmniFocus.

I’d like to see Agenda be able to manage the tasks from Merlin Project. I don’t know if there is an API, or if Agenda could import tasks if Merlin placed them on the Calendar, or really which direction is best for data flow.

I just know that both software packages would benefit by supporting a workflow that has them working together. And I’m probably one of many that thinks they know what would be best for Agenda to consider as far as integration goes… So take my recommendation with a HUGE grain of salt.

Thanks for the consideration.

Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Integrations are not always trivial, and everyone wants a different one :), but we like to hear what people are after.

For now, you can probably generate links between the two apps to quickly jump from one to the other.

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Ahhh, I’m a Merlin fan too. I haven’t tried yet but both Merlin and Agenda talk to Calendar and Reminders, so integration on some level should be available. I’m kinda counting on this working when I get around to it.

If you explore, please share back here.