Agenda 4.0 for Mac beta with Attachments and Inline images support



Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.

WARNING: Only install this beta if you also install the corresponding beta on iOS, otherwise you cannot sync with the iOS version of Agenda. The iOS beta requires joining the TestFlight program to which you can sign up by leaving a post in this community topic

This is a release candidate beta release of the new support for images and attachments in Agenda notes.

Please test adding images and other attachments, previewing the attachments, importing and exporting notes with attachments, sync between devices, drag and drop of attachments, dragging attachments into the app in split screen mode, and dragging out to another app in split screen mode.

To add a new image or attachment, tap the cursor to bring up the black menu, which now includes options for inserting files.

Thanks for helping us with early testing of this feature!



  • Attached images can be displayed at full width.


  • Attach files and images to notes.
  • Choose presentation of attachment: inline, thumbnail, thumbnail with title, and full size (premium required).
  • Preview attached files and images.
  • Open attached files in other apps.
  • Drag files into and out of Agenda.
  • Drag-and-drop attached files to move them within a note.
  • Share attached files to other apps.
  • You can use the continuity camera to insert photos or scans taken on your iPhone.
  • Services menu now works with a text selection.
  • Attach files to notes using x-callback, see these instructions


  • Renewing an expiring license is now supported.
  • There is a new menu item called Add New Note After Selected Note, which appears when holding CTRL-CMD in.
  • ⌘⌃-N now inserts a new note after the currently selected note.
  • The calendar presets table now allows double click to select-and-close.
  • Clicking a tag or person now shows a popover, where you can edit or select an action, such as search.
  • Updated sample documents for new attachments, and included some images and files.


  • Delegate calendars now working.
  • Drop down menus now show completely in the community page.
  • Back button and Skip now work in the welcome tour.
  • Fixed issues with adding and removing links.
  • Right click on a category now brings up a menu as it did before.
  • Layout of Add New Project menu is now improved with many projects in the list.
  • Icons in the Move Note menu are now the correct size.
  • The title of a new note could sometimes disappear. This is fixed.
  • Agenda will now open the right calendar event when multiple days are shown.
  • Dragging of Mail messages into Agenda now gives a link again.


How does one join the MAC Beta, especially if one is already in the iOS Beta?


You can just turn on beta appcast notification in the Agenda preferences, you do however need the version downloaded from, the preference isn’t available in the App Store version.


I think I’ve uncovered an issue in regards to moving notes containing attachments (images in this case) from project to project.

If you attempt to move a note containing attachments to another project, the attachments seem to become invalid. Moving them back “fixes” the issue.

See the attached video for a demonstration.


Thank you for reporting this. We will look into it.



I just upgraded to build 4.0 (57) and I can confirm that this is fixed for me!


Great to hear! Thanks for reporting this.