Agenda 17.0.2 on iOS has several rendering issues

Sometimes when I launch the app into a notebook, the plus button is right up at the top of the screen where the battery icon lives and is not usable. If I open the left menu and close it it fixes the issue.

It seems pretty often that I’m now getting an invisible keyboard. So for example I try to scroll my note list and instead type some swipe text. Sometimes it his deletes my notes. Good thing that shake to undo works. I’m a little worried I might have not noticed this early on and may have broker some notes.

Sometimes when scrolling note view the default super thin iOS scroll at renders just to the right of the middle of my screen rather than on the right side def.

Would it be possible to post a screenshot for each of these?

Have not had the invisible keyboard or scroll bar in the middle of the screen in a while.

The screenshot state is indeed something I’ve seen once or twice as well, if you know what specific preceding action triggers it let us know, we’ll investigate things from our end as well.