Adding the date to a note feels unintuitive



Just tried adding a date to a note for the first time.

The obvious way to do this seemed to be to click the calendar icon in the top right corner of the note. This brought up what looks like a date selector, but clicking on todays date didn’t seem to add a date to the note.

I then found the ‘assign to date’ item in the ‘note’ menu.

I’d expect to be able use the date selector.

OK. I’ve tried again, and found the ‘presets’ in the date selector. But selecting one of these doesn’t work either - until I realised I had to then click ‘save’. But ‘save’ is on the other side of the selector, and for me is visually associated with calendar events - which I wasn’t needing to use.

So… I’ve now worked out how to do it, but there’s an opportunity to make it more intuitive!

Update - I now discover that while testing it, I’ve added a date to an note, that I actually don’t want to be dated! But I can’t see how to remove the date, I can only see how to change it!


We have a change coming to make removing a date easier.

The way to do it now is click the calendar control, and click the date again to deselect it, and then click Save.

You have now figured out that you have to Save the date. We have ideas about how we could make that more obvious. There are very good reasons to require that second step, namely, that you may want to select a date, and then link an event. So we can’t assume we can dismiss and save when you select without saving.


Indeed you need the Save step, a shortcut is however to simply double-click the date you want, it acts like select + save in one.


I stumbled on this one on my first go. Removing should involve a “Remove Date” link next to presets. Or at least some sort of Red X, or whatever. Re-selecting the date to toggle it to no date is inherently “hidden UI”. Every other action in the calendar modal is one click.