Adding a Workflow to Agenda

Hi folks!

I love Agenda, and keep relying on it as part fo my every day - keep up the awesome work!

One thing I do find, though, is a desire for some kind of workflow to be enabled inside of Agenda. By that I mean that I will often create a note (sometimes linked to a calendar event, sometimes not) before I know what project it is going to live in.

I think what would help would be a kind of workflow where I could have an inbox or draft notes section, where I could, either though a drop down or autocomplete, later assign that note to a particular project (or make a new one).

This is sketchy feedback/ideation at best, but wondered if this was something anyone else has thought about or has ideas for. I have a lot of projects, so where a something is going to inevitably belong just isn’t always apparent when I start to writing.

Thanks so much!



Thanks for sharing and you’ll be pleased to hear that we some plans for some while already for something that fits exactly this workflow. Problem, as always, is to find the time to implement it. But we’ll get to it at some stage!


This is awesome! And I’m not impatient. :joy:

I think the thing is that I often produce content before I decide where that content best belongs. Really appreciate the response!


While you are waiting for a native implementation, Drafts has an “Add to the Agenda” action that sends the Draft to an Agenda project titled “Inbox”. It has been reliable for me.

When I am not working on a specific Project, I usually work in a Project named “Notes”. It is just a stream of unfiled thoughts, observations, minor things I don’t want to forget, etc.

I would welcome a native Inbox functionality, as well.


Totally hear you, and I have several Drafts flows that do similar things.

Still I enjoy creating a note within Agenda, often from a calendar event, and starting there.

Appreciate the thought!


In doing so, is there any obvious way to better maintain formatting when sharing from Drafts to Agenda? While there’s an option to import markdown, at least for what I’m doing, it doesn’t seem to be able to convert the markdown in Drafts to formatting in Agenda (e.g. indents, to-do boxes, bullet lists, etc.)


I find everything comes across as expected, but indents don’t. I suspect this has something to do with the number of prepended spaces Agenda expects in Markdown interpretation, but double indenting in each level in Drafts compensates for this.

I suppose one could make a Shortcut that looks for three spaces and replaces with five? That might also help.



According to this page, markdown nested lists require four spaces. That would account for the double indenting as you put it.

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Turns out there is an editor setting in Drafts for how Tab key behaves (insert tab, 2 spaces, or 4 spaces).

So: aha!