Adding a PDF "embedded" and then adding a new line multiplies the green PDF-Box

What I did: I added some PDF-Files and changed the displaying mode to “embedded” so only the green box shows up. Then I moved the cursor to the beginning of the line and added a new line.

What happened: The green PDF-Box multiplies as often as I add a new line.

What I expected: Just adding a new line, not adding PDF-embedded-Boxes. And additionally (maybe another topic) when the cursor moves across the PDF-embedded-Box and by accident you delete a character the PDF-Link ist gone. Maybe the box should be highlighted with the cursor like outlook is highlighting eMail-Adresses when you move the cursor inbetween so that the text itself in the PDF-Embedded box cant change unless you change the name of the document.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Newest MacOS (10.15.7) avaible to me, news iOS14-Update for iPad.

We did have an issue like this a while back, but we thought it was fixed.

Are you on our latest version?

If not can you update.

If you are on our latest version, can you perhaps make a short screen capture video or some screenshots showing this?

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Right, after changing the display mode to „embedded“ I press Command + left arrow. Then the box splits. I press multiple times enter (inserting a new line). The Agenda nearly crashes before I open the „About“ window which shows current version.

I guess that I have the most recent version because I purchased and downloaded Agenda just a few days ago.


(Attachment is missing)

Cant upload a screen capture video because of file size limitations. Here’s a dropbox link with the screen capture video.

Dropbox Screen Capture Video

Got it. Thanks!

We will look into this.