Add Relative search options

I would like some additional relative search options. When I select the “this week” search preset, then choose to save that search as an overview, I do not want to set it to “previous six days and today”, so that I get a rolling view (e.g., on Wednesday, I see all notes beginning the previous Wednesday to today). Instead, I would like to see the notes assigned to “this week”, the same as I get when I tap that search preset. So, on Wednesday, I would like to see notes assigned to the previous Sunday until the upcoming Saturday.

Even better, I would like a saved search that relativizes by day of the week. “Show me all notes from Monday to Sunday of this week”.

I know this can get confusing with relative dates, so if there’s some ambiguity here, I’m happy to try to clarify further.


We plan to bring a number of search improvements in the not so distant future, we’ll try to add some of these possibilities.

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While I’m making search feature requests, would love a basic “not” function. E.g. show me notes for today but NOT tagged #tag1

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