Add New Notes to Anywhere on the List

When I’m planning my day using Agenda I would Want New Notes to Add to Bottom, instead of the Default Top currently. Moving Notes is such a Pain considering Notes are Expanded Already.

For that Matter I suggest a ‘+’ (Add New Note) to momentarily appear when Hovering on the places where a User Might want to add notes.

  • just Before First Note
  • In Between any 2 Notes.
  • At the Bottom of the Last Note.

This way it will save a lot of Time to Move Around Notes by just Adding them to the Right Place.

Something Like this… Just Show on Hover.

Notes are sorted in reverse chronological order by default, with new at the top. But you can change that on a project by project basis. Just click on the project title at the top; you will see a list of notes, and at the very bottom, you can change the sort order for that project.

Thanks for the Info. It works Great for adding notes to the Bottom for a particular project.