Access to O365 calendar

What I did: used to have access to my office365 calendar from Agenda (the calendar is displayed by the iOS calendar just fine)

What happened: lost access, gmail calendars appear still and can be selected, but office calendar does not appear on the list to add to agenda

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS iPad professional

I tried restart, poke around the setting, to no avail.

Do you have the premium features and if so does the calendar show in the available calendars in the Agenda Preferences? Also, did you change anything on your iPad like updating to new OS version?

Thank for responding! I have all the premium features, and all my other (multiple) calendars are shown just fine, I can select any one I like. Unfortunately O365 calendars are not appearing on that list… I did not update my iPad recently.

That is why it is odd… Is O365 calendar supported by Agenda? My company moved recently to O365, but AFAIK this was before my access vanished…

Thanks for any clue in advance: Viktor

The answer to whether it’s supported should be relatively straightforward, if the events show in the system Calendar app, they should also appear in Agenda. Is this the case?

That is the odd thing. I can access the O365 calendar in the iOS calendar app just fine, alongside my google calendars. But in Agenda, only the gcalendars are showing up…

That’s really odd, if you have everything in sync with other devices it might be worth trying to reinstall Agenda on your iOS device. But before you do so, what if you simply create a new event in the on your iPhone, and then force quit agenda, does that help?