Ability to paste without style

In most applications I can paste copied text without any style by using Shift-Cmd-Alt-V but this doesn’t seem to work in Agenda.

Could we have this please?

Odd, I’m pretty sure this used to work indeed, we’ll investigate.

Not sure if this has been resolved but I’ve just experienced something similar. I’ve been migrating a lot of my data/notes from the built in iOS Notes app and one important page consists of all of my Instagram hashtags I use when I post. I copied them all over into Agenda and when it came time to copy from Agenda and post into an Instagram comment, the formatting had url’s infront of the tag, but no # symbol. I ended up having to copy from Agenda, paste into Text Edit, copy from Text Edit and paste into Instagram. I am a fairly new user to Agenda, so I wanted to make sure I’m not missing something or doing something wrong, but it seems like a pretty straight forward task. Please advise.

This should be resolved in the 4.1 update.