Ability to add a duration for a note

I like the date feature for a note, so I know when it is due/when I will go back over it.

However sometimes, notes are only relevant to me during a certain time period, say for a 2 day weekend trip away, and if i set up a reminder for the first day of the holiday I’m unsure how to keep this in my agenda just for the duration of those 2 days.

It would be great if there was a feature which gave the option to choose how long this note is applicable for and you can choose a time period. After that time period the note is removed from your agenda and is just stored in the Project which it is within.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it. The thing I’m a bit worried about is the additional complexity this could add, not sure if adding all the UI and controls to configure this is a good plan.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I agree, it could be quite confusing. I’ll try to explain the idea I had…

when you click on the calendar icon on an agenda list, you get a popup which shows the current month on the left, a list of items for the date selected on the right and at the bottom some information regarding when you are assigning this note to and the ‘assign date’ option.

  • would it be possible to add another option, which can be next to the ‘assign date’, such as ‘assign peroid/time/length’ which brings up the menu for the duration which can be selected on the calendar. Say i pick assign 2 days and then on the calendar i select from the 1st of feb, it will run until the 2nd of feb.


  • add the ability to modify the duration in the calendar application.
    … On the stock calender app you get options for a start date and an end date, length of time and a repeat option. Within the agenda app you allow notes to be linked to the calendar, so if a note is linked, would it be possible to be able to modify the duration of that note within the calendar app and then that will link back to agenda to give the duration of this.

Thats what I have in my mind so far,

Hope that gets across to you and I havent confused you at all.


Hmm, perhaps I’m not understanding things correctly, but you are aware that you can assign date ranges already (either by click and drag or by shift clicking an end date after selecting a start date?

If you use this in combination with either the Today overview or create your own Today + On the Agenda Smart Overview I think you pretty much have what you describe.

Wow. I didn’t even know you could do this. This is exactly what I was after. Thank you!

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