A no distraction full window 'writing mode'

Increasingly, I find I find that after using Agenda for research and scheduling, I want to actually write a final creative treatment in Agenda too, as the word processing tools are excellent, it looks good, it’s convenient and keeps everyting organised.

However, for this very focused creative activity, I want to remove all distractions. I can hide the projects and related panel sidebars, and minimise the other notes, but this takes time and is still not as clean and distraction free as I might wish. For this reason, the incredibly minimal AI Writer is a favourite tool for many, as it presents you with a blank page, your writing, and nothing else. I’d like to be able to select someting in the settings that makes a note ‘full screen’ in one click or keystroke, or at least full screen within the Angenda window. There would have to be a simple and obvious but minimal way of getting back out of that view too, eg pressing escape in the desktop version.

In the meantime, I still find myself jumping into AI and copying the results into Agenda. It’s something that only kicks in for highly concentrated creative writing, but for me it’s really helpful and I’d love to see within Agenda itsef.

Let me know if that sound like a good idea!


Thanks for the suggestion, you’ll be happy to hear this echos with some of the ideas we have, stay tuned!