2 UI improvements that might help visibility

Would you consider the following two UI updates?

  1. In the calendar panel on the right side, would you consider making the events and tasks that have already happened in the day be grayed out? Things 3 does this really niceley…the events that havent happened yet look just as they do in Agenda, but the events that have already passed are grayed out. It really helps my eyes focus quickly on what is left in the day. Additionally/alternatively, could you add a little red line or something to help me visualize exactly where I am in the day?

  2. Would you consider adding the option of having 1-2 line previews under the titles of collapsed notes? Additionally, you could add a little button or arrow to expand the note with the option of holding it down to expand or collapse all notes in a project.

Just some thoughts! I am enjoying Agenda so far.

Update: I can see that the events do gray out but it was too subtle for me to origionally notice. In Things3, the event name and the calendar color goes to gray, which is very visually helpful.

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Thanks for the feedback! Good ideas, and we will take them along for consideration.